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218G,GSM BOX WITH EARPIECE, without bluetooth,850/900/1800/1900MHz
Item ID #218G
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Features :
  1. No need any other Bluetooth set, Just the earpiece, New technic
  2. Audio power 4.5W .Long Distance reach to 80 CM, big voice, and voice adjustable
  3. Can work 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz all over the world ( India,USA need IMEI number before send aboard,Software available for clients make IMEI into the GSM freely)
  4. 950 mh Battery can work for 5- 6 hours according to the volume
How to use
  1. Insert the GSM SIM card in to the device
  2. Press the ON button for 2 seconds, the red led light start shining, and wait for 4 seconds for the devices to search the signals, then use another phone to call the device. It will receive calling automatically, While you Press off button, The red light shining for 3 times, that means the devices turn off
  3. Put the earpiece into your ear, and enjoy the calling now
  4. Press the voice up and down button to adjust the voice volume
  5. While Charging, the led light is in blue and shining again and again, after it full charge, the blue light will be always on.
  6. Press the SOS Button for Reset.
Support Any Earpiece working together