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A680E,3 watt amplifier neckloop with Smallest Earpiece
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2014 new designed amplified neckloop transmitter brings you the affordable covert communication system. 3 watt amplifier sends powerfull inductive signals to all kinds of wireless invisible earpieces in the market. You can turn the turn plate and control output sound.

It creates more power than any other transmitters and uses it to drive even the magnetic earpieces. When using with regular wireless earpieces you will get longer transmission distance and louder sounds. 

The radius of magnetic field created by inductive coil is approx 15cm. You should wear the neck loop around your neck.

An induction wire neckloop transmits audio signals to a wireless earpiece by a magnetic field. An induction neckloop should be plugged into the audio output of a mobile phone, MP3 player or iPod. The current flowing in the neckloop produces a magnetic field which transmits the sound wirelessly to the earpiece in your ear.

Caution: Be very careful when choosing your magnetic earpiece supplier. We are the only company selling these earpieces made from rare earth magnets. Only earpieces made from this type of magnets are 100% safe for your eardrums. All other magnetic earpieces even though they may look identical to ours are made from cheap industrial magnets which are very dangerous for your health! We are the only authorized seller of these high quality product, and our 100% feedback is the best guarantee.

If invisible earpiece is within magnetic filed, you will always hear clear sounds. Please note that sound volume with magnetic earpiece is low.

How to Start?

Insert the 3.0 mm diameter earpiece deep into your ear canal.

Connect Bluetooth neck loop to your mobile phone just like using a regular Bluetooth headset.

Wear the neck loop around your head and play music or make a phone call, the earpiece will receive signals and reproduce sound into your ear.