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E005,Brand New Wireless Earpiece System the smallest earpiece in the world.
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Brand New Wireless Earpiece System the smallest earpiece in the world.
This Wireless Earphone is a wireless electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device,
which designed completely according to human ear canal. It composes a covert signal transfers and receiver system with the electromagnetic wave inductive module
This new inductive system is intended to provide wireless connection with cell phones.
It consists of an earpiece (is tiny size, placed in your ear and it is absolutely invisible),
Neck loop set (around you neck),
A connector with microphone,
Package included:
Earpiece (3 x2 mm) x 2,very small be care of it.
Inductive Transmitter Loop Set x1
Free: Stick A Magnet x1 (6x6 mm), for taking out the earpiece.
How it works?
    This mini earpiece is only 2mm x 3mm dimensions. With an earpiece inside your ear you will be able hear clearly what your friend is saying on the other side of the line. This earpiece is very small, so it falls deep in to the ear canal close to the eardrum (do not bend your head too low in the side to avoid earpiece falling out). 
    The sound is clear, but not as loud as with normal earphone, so use it in silent and not very noisy place. Do not put cell phone to the pocket of your jacket, but to the pocket of pants. For louder sound put one earpiece in left ear and another in the right ear. To hear the sound from the ear or to see 2mm earpiece from outside is impossible.  This earpiece has no battery. It takes signals from neck loop (like radio) and the neck loop is powered by two 9v 6F22 batteries. How to connect everything see on the pictures below.
With what types of cell phones does it work?
       It works with any type of cell phone. This system has 3.5mm connector to 3.5mm phone jack. I also have adaptor for Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Samsung or HTC (pictures below). If you need one of them, tell me, and I will put it in the package also. If not, adapter will not be included.
How to put it in?
   It is very important to do it right way. Bend your head in the left or right side that your ear would be horizontal to the ground and put the mini earpiece in to the ear. Then you hear the sound like little bang, that means the earpiece touched your ear drum. Earpiece HAS TO TOUCH your ear drum, otherwise you will hear no sound or low sound!
How to take earpiece out?
Then you are done, don't forget to take earpiece out with help of some kind of metal stick. Attach the magnet (included) to metal stick (not included), place it near to your ear canal and magnetic attraction should take earpiece out of your ear.