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F-999R, High Sensitivity Wall Microphone, Made in Japan, Audio Amplification: 2000 times, 9V 6F22
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2019-10-30
Product function: f-999r precision testing instrument, imported precision accessories with ultra-high information price ratio, automatic noise reduction function, high-definition hearing device, can be used for pipeline side drain / floor heating testing / Geophysical Prospecting water, suitable for various pipeline materials, ground, wall, etc.
Additional functions: function jack, recording function.
Product specification: current consumption: 13-33 Ma;
battery usage: 9V6f22
Working time: 10-23 hours (according to the sound strength)
Four section audio selection: 3 (100hz-700hz), 2 (700hz-900hz),
 1 (900hz-1100hz), 0 (1100hz-1600hz);
Probe sensitivity: - 60dB, maximum audio amplification: 2000 times.
Set accessories:One host, one probe, one earphone and one manual.